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How to Choose the Right Jewellery for Your Outfit

Accessories can make or break an outfit, and jewellery plays a pivotal role in this. Choosing the right jewellery to complement your outfit is an art that can elevate your style and make a statement. In this blog post, we'll delve into the art of selecting the perfect jewellery to go with your clothing.

1. Consider the Occasion:

Before you start picking out jewellery, it's essential to consider the occasion. Different events call for different types of jewellery. For example, a formal event might warrant elegant diamond studs, or drop earrings while a casual outing could be the perfect opportunity to showcase your favourite everyday yellow gold necklace or bracelet.

woman in evening gown and dangling earrings

2. Match Metals with Outfit Colors:

woman in red dress looking at rings on hand

The metal of your jewellery should harmonise with the colours in your outfit. If you're wearing warm-toned clothing, such as red, orange, or yellow, gold jewellery tends to work well. For cool-toned colours like blues and greens, white gold might be a better match. Rose gold pairs wonderfully with neutral colors like white, beige, and gray as does white or yellow gold. However, don't be afraid to mix metals for a unique look!

3. Consider Neckline and Necklaces:

The neckline of your top or dress can greatly influence your choice of necklace. For a scoop or V-neck, a pendant necklace or a shorter chain works well. With a high neckline, such as a turtleneck, consider longer necklaces to draw the eye down and create a more balanced look.

blonde woman wearing white jacket and dress with necklace

4. Earrings that Frame the Face:

Earrings are essential for framing your face. Choose styles that enhance your face shape. Hoops and dangly earrings can elongate the face, while studs and smaller earrings can add subtlety. If your hair is up, longer earrings can also draw attention to your neck and shoulders.

5. Bracelets and Sleeves:

Bracelets and bangles can add a touch of flair to your wrists, but be mindful of your sleeve length. If you're wearing long sleeves, opt for bracelets that can be seen beneath or above the sleeves. Short sleeves or sleeveless tops provide more freedom to choose bracelets. Be mindful of sweaters that can catch on bracelet prongs.

6. Statement Pieces:

Sometimes, all you need is a bold statement piece to transform your outfit. Whether it's a chunky statement necklace or an eye-catching cocktail ring, these pieces can take a simple outfit to the next level. Just remember that less is often more when it comes to statement jewellery. Let the statement piece shine by keeping other accessories minimal.

woman wearing sparkly white dress and blue sapphire necklace

7. Know Your Personal Style:

Ultimately, your jewellery choices should align with your personal style. Whether you prefer classic, minimalist, bohemian, or edgy looks, your jewellery should reflect your unique tastes. Don't be afraid to experiment and mix styles to create a look that's entirely your own.

8. Confidence is the Best Accessory:

Regardless of the jewellery you choose, the most important accessory is your confidence. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident. When you feel good in your jewellery, it shows, and that's the best way to make a fashion statement.

Selecting the right jewellery to match your outfit is a skill that can enhance your overall style. By considering the occasion, outfit colours, neckline, and your personal style, you can confidently choose jewellery that not only complements your outfit but also reflects your individuality. If you're still unsure how to pair an outfit with a certain piece, need style advice or want to explore custom designs, get in touch with Mandia Jewellery!

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