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Swirling Evil Eye Ring

Swirling Evil Eye Ring

Our Swirling Evil Eye ring has a unique design that entices and enhances the center of this creation. The high-quality and genuine sapphire "eye" is the pinnacle of this creation, and with its swirl-around design, you will undoubtedly draw attention to what this ring has to offer. Cast in pure 14k yellow gold with a solid foundation, you can comfortably wear this piece of jewelry whether you are dressing up or down. It pairs beautifully with another Swirling Evil Eye ring or a Twofold Evil Eye ring by positioning the eyes overtop another for a stacked look.

  • 14k pure yellow gold
  • Sapphire approx. 0.15-0.17ct (3.2mm)
  • Ring 6mm
  • Use our sizing tool to determine ring size
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