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Pristine Ring

Pristine Ring

The Pristine Ring is the quintessential addition to any jewellery collection. Its unique open setting not only allows you to admire the exquisite diamonds from the front but it also unveils their brilliance from every angle. With diamonds that glisten and captivate at every turn, this ring indisputably steals the spotlight. The undulating, wave-like design bestows an extra layer of elegance and grace upon this already pristine creation. Elevate your special day to unprecedented heights of memorability with the Pristine Ring.

  • Item #: WB007
  • Diamonds: approx. 0.65 carats
    • Natural diamonds: SI 1-2 clarity, G-H colour
    • Lab-Grown diamonds: VS-SI clarity, D-F colour
  • Band width: approx. 2.3mm
  • Use our sizing tool to determine ring size
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