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A Guide to Anniversary Gemstones

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Anniversaries are a time to celebrate love, commitment, and the enduring strength of a relationship. What better way to express your feelings than through the timeless beauty of jewellery? Each year of marriage is associated with a specific gemstone or metal, making it easier to choose the perfect gift to commemorate your journey together. In this blog, we'll explore the tradition of anniversary gemstones for years 1-10, 15 and 20, giving some ideas for custom pieces that you can have us craft at each milestone. At Mandia Jewellery, we invite you to mark your special occasion with a unique custom piece featuring the appropriate symbol.

List of anniversary gemstones

Discover Your Anniversary Stone

Let's begin by unraveling the anniversary gemstone or metal linked to your celebratory year, uncovering its profound meaning and allure:

1st Anniversary: Gold

Yellow gold ring for first anniversary gemstone

The first year marks a precious beginning. Gold represents the enduring nature of your commitment, while peridot symbolizes love, truth, and faithfulness. With gold there are so many options for the perfect 1st anniversary gifts including a ring, earrings or necklace. If you're not a fan of yellow gold, Mandia Jewellery also offers white gold or rose gold to commemorate your first year of love!

garnet necklace for 2nd anniversary gemstone

2nd Anniversary: Garnet

Garnet, with its deep red hues, symbolizes the passion that continues to deepen in the

second year of marriage. A custom garnet and diamond ring or a pair of garnet stud earrings would make a heartfelt gift, celebrating your growing love. 3rd Anniversary: Pearl

The third anniversary is represented by pearls, symbolizing purity and the beauty that comes from nurturing a relationship. Pearls, known for their timeless beauty, also represent the precious moments of the past three years. Create custom pearl jewellery, such as a pearl necklace or a set of pearl earrings, for an elegant and classic gift.

4th Anniversary: Blue Topaz

blue topax necklace for 4th anniversary gemstone
Photo source: Gabriel & Co

Blue topaz embodies the calm and stability of a growing partnership, reflecting the peaceful nature of the fourth year together. Custom blue topaz jewellery, like a pendant or a pair of earrings, would be a thoughtful choice to remind you of the peaceful journey you've shared.

5th Anniversary: Sapphire

Mandia Jewellery custom sapphire necklace for 5th anniversary gemstone

Sapphire is a symbol of loyalty and devotion. This gemstone is a perfect choice to celebrate five years of love. Consider a custom pair of sapphire earrings, a pendant or a sapphire ring as a testament to your enduring love. Mandia Jewellery offers many made-to-order blue sapphire pieces in their evil eye collection, or opt for a custom blue sapphire piece unlike any other.

6th Anniversary: Amethyst

amethyst bracelet and amethyst earrings for 6th anniversary gemstone

Amethyst is a gemstone known for its calming and balancing qualities, perfect for navigating the challenges that may arise in the sixth year of marriage. Craft custom amethyst jewellery like an amethyst and white gold bracelet or an amethyst necklace to celebrate the sixth year of understanding and growth.

7th Anniversary: Onyx

black onyx cufflinks for 7th anniversary gemstone

The seventh year calls for onyx, symbolizing strength, support, and the power of your shared journey. Design custom onyx cufflinks for him or an onyx pendant for her, symbolizing your unwavering support.

pink tourmaline necklace for 8th anniversary gemstone
Photo source: David Yurman

8th Anniversary: Tourmaline

Tourmaline is believed to bring happiness, love, and comfort, making it an ideal choice to celebrate eight years of marriage. Craft a custom tourmaline and diamond cocktail ring, a pair of tourmaline drop earrings, or a tourmaline bracelet to celebrate your eighth year of happiness and comfort in each other's company.

9th Anniversary: Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli earrings for 9th anniversary gemstone
Photo source: Fernando Jorge

Lapis lazuli is associated with wisdom and truth, a reminder of the deep understanding and trust built over nine years. Design custom lapis lazuli jewellery, such as lapis lazuli earrings or a lapis lazuli pendant, to commemorate your journey of growth and wisdom.

10th Anniversary: Diamond

A decade of love is marked by the enduring brilliance of a diamond, symbolizing strength, love, and commitment. Celebrate your 10th anniversary with custom diamond jewellery, like a diamond anniversary band, a diamond pendant, or a pair of diamond stud earrings. The list of possibilities for diamond jewellery are endless. We work with both natural/mined diamonds or lab-grown. To learn more about Mandia Jewellery's diamonds click here.

mandia jewellery custom diamond earrings in white gold for 10th anniversary gemstone

15th Anniversary: Ruby

ruby ring or ruby and diamond ring for 15th anniversary gemstone

Celebrate 15 years of marriage with the fiery passion of a ruby, representing love, vitality, and passion.Design custom ruby jewellery, such as a ruby and diamond ring, a ruby necklace, or a pair of ruby earrings, to mark this significant milestone.

20th Anniversary: Emerald

The 20th anniversary calls for emerald, symbolizing a love that has flourished and endured through time. Craft custom emerald, like an emerald and gold bracelet, an emerald pendant or diamond halo emerald ring, to celebrate two decades of love and growth.

mandia jewellery custom emerald and rose gold ring or emerald diamond and rose gold ring for 20th anniversary gemstone

Anniversary gemstones provide a beautiful and meaningful way to celebrate the milestones of your journey together. At Mandia Jewellery, we understand the significance of these special moments, and we invite you to create a custom piece that capture the essence of your love and commitment.

Whether you're celebrating your first year or your fiftieth, Mandia Jewellery can help you design the perfect piece that reflects your unique story. Contact us today to create a custom piece that will make your anniversary celebrations truly unforgettable, symbolizing the beauty of your love and the enduring strength of your commitment.

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