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Evil Eye vs. Hamsa

What are the differences between the evil eye and hamsa, how to wear the hamsa, and what does the hamsa mean?

The evil eye and hamsa symbols are rooted in history for thousands of years. It is well-known that the evil eye symbol protects us from negative energy and malevolent glares from others. But what about the hamsa? What is the true meaning of the hamsa amulet? Does the hamsa have any exceptional qualities to ward off bad energy? And which is better, the hamsa or the evil eye pendant?

What does the hamsa mean?

The Hamsa symbol has thousands of years of history and dates back to the ancient Middle East, where it was used as a goddess' protective symbol. The difference between the evil eye and hamsa is that the hamsa hand symbol also invites peace, prosperity, fortune and good health. In contrast, the evil eye symbol predominantly protects against negativity.

How does the hamsa work?

The hamsa, known as the 'Hand of Fatima' in Islam, is found in numerous religions, including Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism. Each religion has slight variations of the hamsa symbol, yet they all encapsulate the notion of protection against negativity and malevolent glares from others. Many Muslim women believe the hamsa will bring them good luck, power and strength since this symbol was named after the Prophet Muhammad's daughter, Hazrat Fatima. Similar to the evil eye, you can hang the hamsa symbol around your home or wear it as jewelry.

Is the hamsa or evil eye better?

Although both the evil eye and hamsa symbols protect from negativity, some may prefer the hamsa as it also invites positivity. However, you may notice that many hamsa charms also have an eye in the middle of their design, maximizing the energy of both the evil eye and hamsa. Mandia Jewellery has encapsulated the evil eye within their hamsa designs, as seen on their Dual Hamsa Necklace or their Plural Hamsa Necklace. All of Mandia's evil eye designs capture the ancient symbol with a modern and original design that one can wear every day.

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