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What Does the Evil Eye Mean?

Learning about the ancient symbol's meaning

The evil eye is an idea of a curse brought about by a malevolent glare. Let's say, for example, you get a promotion at work that another co-worker may have wanted. Feelings of jealousy, malice, spite or even hatred can result in negative energy being thrust upon you. This can happen even if another person compliments you or offers you well wishes. The harmful power may sometimes be indirect or hidden. As such, it is believed that bad luck and harmful things will begin to happen when this negative gaze has been secretly cast upon you. Therefore, wearing the evil eye amulet can protect one from the evil eye curse.

How does the evil eye protect you?

The look of the evil eye charm is essential, as this symbolizes what it is set out to do: to protect and ward off any negativity and harm. The evil eye charm traditionally comprises blues, whites and black colors, but this too can vary. This charm will always resemble an eye, whether round or almond-shaped. It can be hung around your home to protect the surroundings, but it is mainly worn as jewelry to protect the wearer at all times. By wearing the charm, the evil eye will cast away any bad energy directed toward you. This ideology has been practiced for thousands of years and continues even today.

Does the evil eye really work?

Since envious feelings from others, along with jealousy, hatred, spite, malice and negativity, still exist, so does the curse surrounding the concept of the evil eye. Therefore, the protection of the amulet is still firmly believed in. For thousands of years, many cultures worldwide have sworn by the charm and the protection it has given them. As such, many believe that the evil eye does work.

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